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A Day In The Life

What the day is like at Ben Rhydding Pre School Playgroup

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The doors to our Pre-School open at 9am and 12 noon.

Please note that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the routines around dropping children off/picking up, visiting the setting and stay and plays have changed quite a bit. We have highlighted what is now different for the time being.

Parents are asked to line up, socially distanced along the Pre-School fence before we open for the day, there are markers on the path to help you with the 2m recommended spacing between families.  We also ask that adults wear masks wherever possible while queuing.  Antibac gel is available near the Pre-School entrance and lunch boxes are to be deposited on the lunch ‘trolley’ outside.  Children enter the building carrying their own bags if possible with a member of staff taking their temperature at the door, then are taken to wash their hands and their arrival is noted on the register. Any cuddly friends, photos or books your child has brought in are put in the “showing basket.” Sadly, at this time we ask that toys and items are not brought in from home to lessen risk of cross contamination from ‘sharing’ much cuddled items for example.  

Your child can then hang their coat and bag on their named coat peg. 

The picture on their peg will help them to find their name card – which also has the same picture on it! They can then stick their name card under their key person’s picture on our name board. Self registration is not completed at this time. Your child can play with whatever they choose until the bell for registration is rung.

All the children sit together for registration and reply “here I am” when they hear their name.

We’ll then let them know what we’ll be doing that day and talk about the letter, number or sound of the week. These activities can be followed up at home with “Jolly Phonics” sheets – which are freely available!

day-1 Your child can then join “show & tell” or go and play if they prefer.  NB: This is currently just “tell time” rather than Show and Tell

During showing time, our team encourage your child to describe any toys, comforters, books or photographs they have brought to pre-school with a small group. Your child can bring in anything they like, with items linked to our theme especially welcome! Our current theme is described on the planning wall and in the newsletter.  As above this is currently different just now due to Covid.

What will they get up to next?  They can then choose to dress up, paint, do arts and crafts activities, read stories, enjoy role-play in the home corner Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 11.17.36or play outside on the scooters, bikes and climbing toysThere are small group activities too.

Just let us know what your child likes to do best and we’ll make sure those toys or activities are available to them. This will help them settle and have as much fun as possible! We love to play outdoors, whatever the weather, so please make sure your child brings outdoor clothes so they can join in the fun!

day-2Your child can have a snack and a drink of milk or water.

They can do this anytime from 9.30 – 10.30am (morning sessions) and 2pm – 2.15 pm (afternoon sessions).

All the children come back together and end the session with singing, dancing, a circle time game, a discussion or a story.

day-3Your child will be called from the group when you arrive and given any masterpieces (these will usually have been “quarantined” for 72 hours minimum) they have created to bring home with them! Parents wait in the entrance hall for their children to be brought out to them. This makes home time safer and easier for everyone. It also gives parents a chance to check their pigeon hole for any notices, letters or, on a good day, party invites! NB: This is one of the saddest parts of Covid-19 for us, parents now need to line up, socially distanced and wait for us to bring the children out to you, no parties just now! And no parents in the entrance.)

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